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Behind The F: Well, That Was A Painful Experience

Last night was supposed to be our Phantom Menace hack-a-thon and we were all really looking forward to it. And then Murphy's Law took over.

First, my internet signal crapped out during the opening crawl. So not only did the live stream freeze, the video call on Microsoft Teams dropped me from the call since clearly I had no way of partaking in the information superhighway. So I do all the usual home diagnostics one does when the internet signal at home is unreliable and rebooted my router.

That got me back online and we reconnected. I restarted the live stream in OBS and on Facebook and we started again. This time we made it all the way to when the Jedi land on Naboo and run from the droid army.

And th

en it died again.

This time for real. I resorted to calling Spectrum and after waiting on hold for what seemed like an eternity, I was able to speak with a technician who was really great and helpful. And this is where I throw my arms in the air in exasperation.

Not because Spectrum couldn't help me. Not at all, becuase the guy on the other end of the call was really helpful. No, this time I lose my mind

because the problem apparently was the cable splitter that was installed when we moved into this house in 2014.

You see, when we moved in Spectrum was running a deal where your bill would actually be lower if you bundle in their VOIP product. Hence the splitter. Well, on May 5, 2020 that splitter decided to shit the bed. Not in the afternoon while my kids were making TIk Tok's and playing Fortnite. DURING THE 2 HOURS I WANTED THE GODDAM INTERNET TO WORK!


So after I got that all sorted out, it's now 45 minutes past our original start time and our enthusiasm to sit through an awful movie is spent. We decided to just do a regular ole episode (do we have those?) about Star Wars.

The challenge? While I was on the phone with Spectrum playing Mr. Fix-It, everyone one else was still drinking so I jumped into a pile of drunks and tried to stay on course. The episode is a little more random than normal (is that even possible?) but I still think it came out entertaining.

The good news? It looked like the stream quality to Facebook was good, so maybe I have that figured out? Oh well, on to the next show.

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