• Keith Grieve

Behind The F: Into The Unseen

This whole covid quarantine thing has really set all our worlds on their respective ends. I had accepted an offer to record an audio book and I had planned to use the quiet time in the house when the kids are at school to get that done.

Enter: Coronavirus.

So the quiet time is non-existent until the late evening hours, when coincedentally, my 44 year old ass tends to get tired. So I spent some time and resources carving out a little recording nook in my basement. To make a long story short (too late), it has created some hiccups.

Now I'm using my laptop instead of my lean, mean, computing machine to handle the streaming and recording of both the audio and video which CAN create a drag on the CPU from time to time. Last Monday's show we did our own version of Name That Tune and I needed my laptop to handle individual chat and a 5-way video call and audacity and obs and streaming to Facebook and recording a copy of the video to upload to YouTube after. I got winded just typing that and you can see in the video, that my laptop just wasn't up to it. As soon as I added in the chat feature, the framerate slowed to a crawl. I believe this is due to the way Teams handles the pop-up chat graphically. When you combine that with everything else I was asking my laptop to do, it probably taxed it a bit too much.

The audio on the livestream was fine, but the picture froze intermittently. We didn't seem to have an issue the week before, so when I ask "What was different this week?" the only answer I have is the use of the pop-out chat in Teams.

The episode is still fun as hell, even with the video issues and like I said, the audio was unaffected. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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