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Behind The F: NEWS!

Tonight we're slated to talk about favorite trips you took with friends. As always, it should be a good time. The Drive of the Week was going to be something Jamie belted out on one of those trips, but with Jerry Stiller passing this morning, we're going to do something that goes with him. (NO SPOILERS)

The exciting news is I've managed to book our first guest for next week. Evan Coy, the new owner of The Comic Shop in Oswego, NY is going to come on and talk about some comic book stuff. (Again, no spoilers) It'll be a little tricky because a lot of comic publishers are not delivering due to the Covid-19 scare, but since this is the first time on the show, I think we can take a broad approach and talk about a myriad of topics that relate to the world of comic books.

Tech wise, we upgraded the modem so we shouldn't have any connectivity issues going forward which absolutely torpedoed the Drunkflix episode we tried to do last week. I still think there's something to that concept, so maybe we'll try it again another day.

Steve and Pete got themselves big boy mic rigs so the audio should be instantly upgraded. There's still some items on the ole wishlist, so we started selling merch on our site. We make about $5 per item, so if there's any way you can help- great! If not, just keep listening!

I did my first "F Today" episode in about a month and a half and I really have to commit to doing those on a regular basis. Content, content, content-right?

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